About John

John Slater is a UI/UX Designer based in Preston, UK with over 12 years of commercial experience. He’s worked with EKM, one of the leading ecommerce providers in the UK, Kahn Design a luxury car company in Bradford as well as many clients working within an agency.

In his spare time John has worked on the very successful music festival app, iFestival App (V Festival), which has over 25,000 users. He’s developed apps for holiday companies along with simple but popular utility apps like Casi Countdown.

John has a huge interest in developing and broadening his skill set and this is what lead to him creating apps as side projects. Although he’s not a career developer he’s been able to get a great understanding of development principles and limitations which ultimately allow him to better integrate within engineering teams.

In his time at EKM (2008-2019) he worked as a product designer on the EKM platform within the Shop Management Squad (agile squad) and helped improve the usability of the platform for it’s thousands of shop owners.

One of John’s biggest projects at EKM was overhauling the entire platform checkout system used by millions of customers every day to improve the usability. The project saw conversion rate increases of up to 63% on the EKM platform with the lowest conversion rate increase at around 13%.

As lead UI/UX designer at EKM John was responsible for the design of some key areas of the EKM platform:

  • Customer Login – The direction and implementation of customer login (shop customers logging in to individual shops) on the EKM platform.
  • Analytics – Research, usability and design of the new Analytics feature within the EKM platform, allowing shop owners to identify trends and adapt their businesses.
  • Features – Research and usability improvements to make platform feature discovery easier and allow the business (EKM) to increase revenue from premium features and integrations.
  • API on-boarding – Design and usability of the integration on-boarding process (OAuth).
  • EKM Email Marketing – Complete redesign of the email marketing platform and to make the system more usable.
  • Many more

Instagram – @slaterjohn

Spotify – @slaterjohn